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Guide to Auto Insurance Quotes

Shopping for auto insurance quotes online is extremely time and cost effective, assuming you know what you are looking for. When doing anything online, it is important to watch out for scams. Here are some tips for how to get reputable car insurance.

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Auto Insurance Quotes:
What is Basic and Standard Coverage? »

Auto Insurance Quotes: What is Basic and Standard Coverage?

There are many different options to consider when shopping for auto insurance quotes.
Coverage can fall under basic or standard categories, but what you pick is up to you. Keep reading to find out the differences.

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How Does your Sex and Age Affect your Auto Insurance Quotes? »

How Does your Sex and Age Affect your Auto Insurance Quotes?

There are many factors that go into your auto insurance quote premium. Age and sex are two that you unfortunately can't control. Keep reading to learn why these two factors affect your auto insurance rates.

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Cheap car insurance comes under the microscope when claims are made

Everyone travels in the hope they will never have an accident but, no matter how safely you drive, circumstances can conspire against you. It can just be a lack of attention as another driver crashes into you while you are at a stoplight or you can have left the car perfectly parked only to watch it float away in a flash flood. The reality is thousands of accidents happen every year and you should be prepared. It may sound slightly pessimistic but, if you do your thinking in the calm of your own home, you will make fewer mistakes in the actual event. Keeping a checklist in the car helps you keep your head when everyone else around you is stressed out.

Obviously accidents can range in seriousness from a minor fender-bender to multi-vehicle pile-ups with injuries and death. The first step is therefore to assess your situation. Are you or any of the others in your vehicle injured? If so, you should call for medical help. Now look around. Is there any risk another vehicle could crash into you? If so, you should put on the emergency flashers. The next step is getting out of your vehicle. Look around carefully. Do the doors look damaged or will there be danger if you open the doors? It will only add to the potential chaos around you if you open your door just as another driver is trying to go around you. Once you are out, look at the other vehicles involved and assess whether anyone is injured. Because of the difficulty of proving injuries did or did not exist at the time of an accident, you should always call for medical help if anyone else is complaining of injuries. It’s always advisable to get an independent medical evaluation of these claims. Later the other driver or passengers may claim damages from you for injuries sustained in the accident. Defensive measures at this stage can avoid any later misunderstandings.

If this is a more serious accident, it’s always advisable to get the police to attend. This will ease the exchange of information between the drivers and assess whether the other driver is impaired in any way. More importantly, a police report will assist the insurance investigation. While you are waiting for emergency services to appear, take pictures of the scene. You should always carry a camera for this purpose. Remember most cellphones have a camera fitted as standard. To help the claim go through smoothly, the better the records you keep the better. You need to collect the names and contact details of everyone involved and of any witnesses. If in doubt, call your insurance agent for guidance. Because some cheap car insurance companies have a reputation for making the claims process difficult, you should put together as complete a report of the circumstances as possible. While reading this you may worry about your current discount auto insurance cover. Check for insurers with a better claims handling reputation by getting multiple auto insurance quotes.